With so many driving schools to select from, why would you choose to go with us?

Firstly, our lessons go for a full 60 minutes – and often slightly longer.

We don’t book “back to back” lessons and we limit ourselves to the number of lessons we provide in a day – so we can sometimes go overtime on your lesson to reinforce a specific aspect or finish something off properly – at no extra cost to you!  You can’t do that with other driving schools if the next person’s lesson is due to start straight after yours!

We take you to many places around the Joondalup CBD and surrounding areas to give you exposure to many of the more difficult aspects of driving in Joondalup, including the exact places where many people fail.  You won’t get this experience simply driving from A to B with your parents, and encountering these tricky situations in for the first time in your PDA is likely to set you up for a less than ideal outcome.

We cover off what to expect in the ‘Left Something Behind’ and ‘Stop for Shopping’ exercises in terms of parking and driving manoeuvres and equip you the knowledge to go away and practice these drills with your parents or supervisor between lessons.

It’s all about giving you the best possible chance of passing your PDA.


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