ILUKA Driving School offer lessons by the hour or as a package.  We understand that parents are busy and if we can be there to help with some of the load, we’re happy to do so.

The focus for passing the PDA is based on relatively low speed Joondalup CBD streets and carparks so that’s where we spend a lot of our time.  We also venture out onto some of the 70/80 kph roads and tackle a bit of high speed driving and merging on the Mitchell Freeway.  The route of the PDA can be a north, south, east or west direction from the licensing centre carpark so you have to be prepared for any eventuality.  We recognise, however, that the October 2017 changes to the system requiring 50 hours of driving (including 5 hours of night driving) before sitting the PDA at 17 means we have to balance gaining the valuable experience in Joondalup with other aspects of driving such as freeway, peak hour, country roads, driving with distractions and emphasising the dangers posed by mixing social media and driving. (Previously this latter experience was picked up over a six month period during the 25 hours of post-PDA Log Book driving).

It’s all about equipping you with the broadest possible range of driving experiences before you venture out on your own on P plates straight after passing the PDA.  It’s an established fact that the first six months on your ‘P’s will be the most dangerous time you will ever spend on the road!

You can call or text us on 0401 379 222 to discuss a cost-effective package to suit your budget, or you can simply pay-as-you-go.