Anyone who gets their learner’s permit when they turn 16 could be on L plates for 12 months before sitting the PDA.  In many cases, it simply isn’t feasible to be paying for lessons for that period of time.  Our recommendation is that you start by getting a good grounding with lessons from an accredited instructor to instill good driving habits and to learn the basics on how to park, then go away and reinforce these learnings with your parents for several months.  If you then come back to us with a month or two to go before your PDA, we can ensure that you have retained and reinforced those good driving habits and skills, and do any required fine tuning.

We sometimes get learner drivers coming to us for their first paid lessons just a week or two before their PDA with bad traits that they have developed over several months, often seeking a fast-tracked course in parking.  It’s very hard to correct things in such a short time after bad habits have become embedded, so our advice is to get some proper lessons early and then get as much driving experience as you can to reinforce what you’ve learnt.