ILUKA Driving School was one of the first driving schools to temporarily close down in March 2020 due to the evolving global pandemic and the potential spread of COVID-19.  We’ve been following medical and Government advice since then and with the number of new COVID-19 infections being held to zero for most days of the past fortnight (as at 13 May 2020) and only six active cases (one in hospital) in the Perth metropolitan area, we made the decision to reopen for business on Monday 11 May 2020.

Bookings for driving lessons are open via our Online Bookings page or by calling or texting 0401 379 222.

We expect that the Department of Transport will begin to relax their temporary PDA restrictions in the near future to allow the backlog of PDA bookings to be reduced.  DoT are currently in the process of contacting learners who have had their PDA booking cancelled to rebook their tests. The online booking system is expected to be up and running again as from the end of JUNE 2020.

Obviously lessons will be provided subject to common sense guidelines related to flu-like or respiratory symptoms.

For further details on the Department of Transport FAQs please  CLICK HERE

The reality is that many parents would struggle with the PDA if they attempted it today.  This is because bad driving habits creep in over the years. Many parents are also unaware of changes to road rules that have occurred since they got their licence, there is a widespread misunderstanding of how to indicate at roundabouts, and many don’t come to a ‘complete stop’ at stop signs/lines.

Just take a look at the quality of drivers on Perth roads and it’s obvious that standards are seriously lacking across the board.  Some of these bad drivers are parents of teenagers.

While the system allows for parent instruction, it is very important for a learner to be taught correct habits from the outset.  An accredited instructor understands the required standard for sitting and passing the PDA and can provide this initial input and help set up the learner driver for later success.


ILUKA Driving School offers Train the Trainer sessions to reacquaint parents with the way that they should have been driving for all those years and allow them to pass on correct driving advice to their children.  These sessions are basically a “cook’s tour” of the Joondalup test area highlighting areas of interest and tricks and traps for the unwary.  The parking exercises are also demonstrated, road rules emphasised and the format of the driving test explained.

Parents are not expected to drive but to merely come along as a passenger so that they can take in as much information as possible.

For a relatively small investment of $90 for 90 minutes, parents can equip themselves with much of the required knowledge to teach their child properly and potentially save a bundle of money in the process.

Contrary to popular belief, you can use either method.  There is an assumption among many learner drivers and parents that they must use the push-pull method in the PDA, however this is not the case.

At ILUKA Driving School we demonstrate both methods and allow you to decide what’s right for you.

There are strong opinions about the merits of each steering method within the driver training industry and, although we have our own views, we won’t engage in that debate here!

If you come to us with a good technique in either push-pull or hand-over-hand, we won’t necessarily try to change you to another technique.


Yes you will.

Apart from being an essential driving skill, there is a good chance that you will need to perform the manoeuvre in your PDA.

As they say, “practice makes perfect”.  Well, actually, “perfect practice makes perfect!”  We spend a lot of time learning and practicing the various parking drills so you are best placed to execute correctly in your driving test.

And more importantly, your friends will think you’re a legend if you can confidently parallel park in the last available space right outside your destination, rather than making them walk half a kilometre in the rain because you weren’t prepared to attempt it and had to go and park somewhere easier further down the road!

With so many driving schools to select from, why would you choose to go with us?

Firstly, our lessons go for a full 60 minutes – and often slightly longer.

We don’t book “back to back” lessons and we limit ourselves to the number of lessons we provide in a day – so we can sometimes go overtime on your lesson to reinforce a specific aspect or finish something off properly – at no extra cost to you!  You can’t do that with other driving schools if the next person’s lesson is due to start straight after yours!

We take you to many places around the Joondalup CBD and surrounding areas to give you exposure to many of the more difficult aspects of driving in Joondalup, including the exact places where many people fail.  You won’t get this experience simply driving from A to B with your parents, and encountering these tricky situations in for the first time in your PDA is likely to set you up for a less than ideal outcome.

We cover off what to expect in the ‘Left Something Behind’ and ‘Stop for Shopping’ exercises in terms of parking and driving manoeuvres and equip you the knowledge to go away and practice these drills with your parents in between lessons.

It’s all about giving you the best possible chance of passing your PDA.


Lessons are $65 for a full 60 minutes.

We generally don’t book up back to back lessons so if we need to go overtime on your lesson to finish something off properly, we can do so.

Purchasing blocks of lessons as a package can also be a cost effective option.  See our Prices and Packages page for more details.



We accept cash, and by prior arrangement bank deposit or cheque.  For packages, we can tailor your payment arrangements to suit the package.

Flexibility is the key as you’ve probably got lots of competing priorities to work around.  ILUKA Driving School provides lessons 5 days a week from 6:30am to 6pm, and on weekends by request. Night lessons are also available by request to allow learner drivers to fulfil their log book night driving requirement and to gain valuable driving experience.

Anyone who gets their learner’s permit when they turn 16 could be on L plates for 12 months before sitting the PDA.  In many cases, it simply isn’t feasible to be paying for lessons for that period of time.  Our recommendation is that you start by getting a good grounding with lessons from an accredited instructor to instill good driving habits and to learn the basics on how to park, then go away and reinforce these learnings with your parents for several months.  If you then come back to us with a month or two to go before your PDA, we can ensure that you have retained and reinforced those good driving habits and skills, and do any required fine tuning.

We sometimes get learner drivers coming to us for their first paid lessons just a week or two before their PDA with bad traits that they have developed over several months, often seeking a fast-tracked course in parking.  It’s very hard to correct things in such a short time after bad habits have become embedded, so our advice is to get some proper lessons early and then get as much driving experience as you can to reinforce what you’ve learnt.

No, we don’t. We realise that situations arise from time to time that you can’t avoid.  We also know that some of you are working very hard after school or uni and on weekends to pay for your own lessons.

You’ll be happy to know that we don’t charge any fee for cancellations – we just hope that you don’t make a habit of it due to the inconvenience it can sometimes cause to us or someone else who might have wanted the same lesson timeslot.

You don’t need to come up with some far-fetched excuse. Just send us a text and we can simply cancel or reschedule.

You’ll be driving a 5 Star Safety Rated Hyundai I30 automatic, with dual controls to help keep you safe and sound, a reversing camera for enhanced visibility and easier parking, and air conditioning for your comfort.

This zippy little car is small enough to negotiate the tight streets and parking spaces around Joondalup’s CBD, but big enough for even the tallest teenager.

We cover all areas up and down the coast from Hillarys to Alkimos, to suburbs east of Wanneroo Road such as Tapping, Carramar, Banksia Grove, Sinagra and Wanneroo.

We’ve taught learner drivers from schools and universities all over the place including Ocean Reef, Belridge, Mindarie, Butler, Joseph Banks, Woodvale, Carine, Prendiville, St Mark’s, St Stephen’s, Sacred Heart, St Mary’s, LJBC, Kingsway, Iona, Irene McCormack, Peter Moyes, Mater Dei, Hale, WAIFS, ECU, Curtin, Murdoch and UWA.

See the map on our Contacts page for further details.  If you’re unsure, or live outside the area, please give us a call or text on 0401 379 222 or email:

We can pick up and drop off at home, school, work, uni, TAFE or Currambine and Joondalup Train Stations.

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