Easily best instructor out there, got me through my test with flying colors. would recommend to anyone. 11/10.






Marin, Tapping

I would definitely recommend Iluka Driving School to everyone. Dave was able to remain calm and patient when teaching my daughter. He was able to explain manoeuvres in ways that made it easy to understand. He also knew how to make driving enjoyable.

Rochelle, Joondalup

I passed my driving test at Joondalup today!

I’m so grateful for David’s instruction, because without his patience and tips, I wouldn’t have passed today. I’m definitely going to recommend him to anyone else who’s looking to drive.

Thank you again!

Josh, Kingsley

David is a very helpful instructor who highlights all the details that will help you pass, from specific techniques to ensure perfect parking as well as small mirror and blind spot checks to be aware of your surroundings. He is extremely patient when teaching and will always answer your questions thoroughly. Even after peppering him with two pages of questions, he still gave me extra driving time. I am very grateful for his guidance and would definitely recommend him as a driving instructor.

Josephine, Currambine