HI David, I passed my PDA.  I’m so happy. Thank you so much for teaching me.

Mahsa, Joondalup

Driving Test Perth

I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help with passing my test.

Georgia, Marmion

Lisa:  I’m doing my PDA next Friday. Getting pretty nervous!

ILUKA Driving School:  Make sure you read the blog at our website – www.ilukadrivingschool.com.au – particularly the bit about why people fail. Pay particular attention to turning right at traffic lights (without the green arrow), making sure you look left multiple times when turning right at a T junction, STOP at all stop lines … and don’t speed. … and binge watch the relevant YouTube videos – from start to finish! Good luck!
Lisa:  I passed 🙂
Lisa, YouTube subscriber
Dani:  Thanks! I have been watching your videos and am about to take my driving test here in NSW this Thursday. Quite apprehensive and nervous.

ILUKA Driving School:  Good luck! But remember the explanations on this YouTube channel are based on the WA jurisdiction. There could be some differences (e.g. in Tasmania you can’t cross a dividing line when performing a U-turn in an intersection but you can in WA). Read whatever literature your NSW authority has published (hardcopy or online).

Dani:  I passed! Your advice and videos really helped! Thanks!

Dani, YouTube subscriber, New South Wales